How to Apply Water Based Polyurethane on Wood Floors, ‘’ is a reader-supported Website/Blog. In a couple of hours, the dried poly just peels right out of the pan. Yep! Thick coats take longer to dry and are more likely to be uneven and attract dust. Blog sites are replete with complaints and potential solutions. This means only touch wet paint that you’ve just painted. Make sure your hardwood floor is dry while performing sanding. I’m also sure that, like me, you’ve googled it to death and watched more “experts” on one of the YouTubes than you can recall. Carefully clean all the corners of the room so that small objects like hair, cotton etc cannot stay in the room. It dries three times faster than oil. Or how do I get a smooth finish with water based polyurethane? For water-based polyurethane use a synthetic brush which is most frequently nylon. Hi Paul, I am refinishing a long table and need suggestions on brush stroke techniques. The poly video was my first attempt and I never thought it would get up to 850,000 plus views. Would I approach the refreshing of my woodwork and cabinet doors as a “next step” based on your videos by cleaning, sanding, and applying stain and poly or is there a better method (short of hiring someone like you!). I’m wondering how you recommend finishing to get high gloss shine? Sorry I wish I had never mentioned the last coat going on at full strength. Furniture that will not receive a lot of handling – 2 COATS, Counters and bar tops. Keep your children and pets away from the polyurethane-coated wooden floor at the time of coating. Love your feedback and always happy to answer any questions I am capable of answering. The slab has been tottaly dried and finished with fillers to correct the voids. Hold the brush over the container and let the overage drip off. It is immaculate but hard to keep clean looking. Once done GENTLY pour 3 parts poly into a separate container. . They used to allow putting annotations on their videos so I put a big red caution sign on it at that point. Do not put pressure on the applicator while coating. Just put fingertip pressure on it. Hey David. Hardwood floors are getting popular day by day. . Work with the grain, and avoid applying too much polyurethane to avoid raising the grain. Did I mention that the brush in my video is over 20 years old? This will reduce the chance for bubbles to form and be applied to the wood surface you are working with. They are hyping their product. 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Let me know id I can offer any advice. Happy to be of some help, Pete. Hey Andrew. I then go to the sink and wash thoroughly with dish soap and water using a scrub brush to comb though the bristles. Main Author of ‘TheHomeDigs‘. I check twice daily there. I keep a can of spray poly handy in case of bubbles. The newest and probably the best is urethane. Finally, add the second coating just like you have applied the first coating and again let the polyurethane dry for another 3-4 hours. However, if you also want to know about the process of applying oil based polyurethane, you can check out my other article about oil based coatings. . Hi Paul, I do love your web site, it is informative. Problem two is that I got a lot of dripping down the edges of the counters when brushing it on at full strength. Water-based polyurethane is not as thick as oil-based polyurethane and these liquids take less time to dry then oil based polyurethane. Be sure to ask if you have questions or comment if you have thoughts. Just wait until the bubbles cease. Before applying polyurethane onto your prepared surface, dampen your brush in a solvent to remove air bubbles caught between the bristles and in the ferrule. Thanks for sharing your expertise. We are going to FEATHER OUT the applied poly. The brush in my YouTube video “Bubble-Free Polyurethane Application Technique” is 20+ years old and still in out-of-the-box condition. Proper brushing technique will reduce the amount of air bubbles that develop in the finish. “Bubble-Free Polyurethane Application Technique”, Polyurethane Application Rules, Tips and Paraphernalia, The Perfect Stain Application Tips and Techniques,, A Step by Step Guide to Refinishing Furniture or Finishing Furniture, How to Apply Boiled Linseed Oil Properly -Tips & Techniques, How to Apply Tung Oil Properly -Tips & Techniques, How to Sand Wood Efficiently Tips and Techniques. Before applying polyurethane make sure your surface is dust-free. Forget cheapo applicators as they will ruin a good project. I use use a polymerized tung oil straight for the first coat and the same tung oil mixed with 60% tung oil for the next two coats. paul. Use a big jar or can to … Lastly I thoroughly rinse the brush, hand spin it and hang it to dry. It’s the water based polyurethane that’s giving you the issues. I have broken it up into 4 segments or so per your diagram of the 40″ long table above.. but am having problems with drag marks where the strips overlap (for instance between 1 and 2). This is okay but has never been my personal preference. It requires the most effort and is, by far, the most time consuming. Finish brushes delicately lay on a thin clear coat to accentuate the surface below. Hopefully this is NOT THE END but A GREAT FINISH!! The rag eliminates air bubbles that can be created by the brush. Solvents are mineral spirits for oil-based polyurethane and water for water-based polyurethane. . However, a water based polyurethane floor finish requires less time to complete. Thinning the polyurethane makes it flow on more smoothly and reduces brush marks. Another fast way to apply polycrylic without creating bubbles is to use cloth to apply the finish. I have just finished putting seven coats of Tung Oil on a dining room table. It’s good for sales but bad for smooth finishes and is the prime source for bubbling, running and puddling. And, if you’re reading this fantastic article, that means you’ve also not had much luck. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. the blog loads very quick for me on Firefox. paul. Now here’s an important step. Most regard European Ox hair as the gold standard for an ox hair brush. I’ve watched the two videos on prepping new wood for stain and poly. You can learn water based or oil based polyurethane applying process to make a glowing wooden floor. Welp, lucky you because this man’s instruction has literally changed my life with regard to finishing. I’ll explain here. An exceptional quality brush is extremely dense and feels like fine fur. Is this necessary. Quick Tip! Hey Bill. best . After securing the corners, use a renowned T-bar applicator for polyurethane to apply the first coating on the floor. With oils I like to sand up to a 320-400 grit range. You’ve done a lot and if you’re happy leave it alone. . Soaking the brush also softens the bristles to make your application even better. paul, Hi Paul, that’s perfect, thanks for the advice. I spray painted the black with a glossy paint. stuff that comes in an aerosol can)? Keep a wet edge. The thicker the product is applied the more likely it will be flawed. Move the brush to your project a GENTLY set it down in the middle of the far back row. Just keep repeating the above process until your get to the desired thickness. . Stir the paint before applying each layer of coating. Pour some polycrylic on a piece of soft cloth and apply the finish. Apply sanding considering the condition of the floor. Thinning reduces the thickness and makes it easy to apply. Also, I had heard that the third and last coat could be a satin sheen. This is great information and has greatly enhanced our end results. Thanks for your excellent video and complete directions and hints. There is an old woodworkers adage that has stood the test of time and a staple of getting a good finish coat, it goes: “LAY IT ON THIN”. I am refinishing a dining room table and chairs. That means filling all the wood grain and sanding well into the 800-1200 grit ranges. ‘’ is a reader-supported Website/Blog. Come back after 3-4 hours when the coating is fully dried, softly sand the entire floor with 220-grit sandpaper. Because I like to let my project dry overnight so I can feel the surface, inspect for easily corrected flaws and see if the sheen is right for my intended look. . best . This is important in achieving a smooth level finish. Thinning the poly made every bit of difference. I have a question about the final coat of poly. paul. Hi Paul, best . As you start to see a slight white liquid wipe it as you go. Hi Paul. The last three were full strength. NOTE: We never used a back forth motion, a dabbing motion, a tapping motion or any other motion while loading the brush with poly or applying the poly to the surface. Polyurethane has become the most popular finish coating on the market, yet 90% of people applying polyurethane do it incorrectly. Use the machine’s user manual for perfect operation. paul. Yep it’s true. How to apply oil based polyurethane WITHOUT the pits and bubbles. Bubbling, running and puddling are the most frequent complaints of consumers applying polyurethane finishes I found while searching the internet. Additionally, a perfectly coated wooden floor makes your home looks gorgeous. Without pressure slowly drag the brush to the right side edge (following the grain if possible). Would you tell me the difference between polyurethane and varnish? Hope that helps. I’m sure that, like me, you have tried and failed to get poly to lay down without the streaking or the bubbles. A word about air compressors: Air compressors are notorious for accumulating condensation. It picks up what you’ve already painted and drags it a bit. always looks smudgy with any touch even after drying for a week. This is Autem Decker. How to Apply Polyurethane: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow best . It seems the polyurethane is drying too quickly. After mixing Parts A & B together, simply pour the resin into a properly prepared mold and allow it to cure. I’m excited to give this a try and I very much appreciate your detailed and informative videos that have inspired me to take this on. This type of tribal knowledge seems to be passed down less and less and I’m afraid it will vanish all together. Also – I am using a 2.5″ brush and it is very tedious. Polyurethane will separate in the can, or other storage container. Polymerizing the tung oil helps it dry faster (overnight) so it’s not tedious like pure tung oil. As the water based polyurethane is thinner than the oil based polyurethane, you should add stain on the wooden floor before applying water based polyurethane. Paint the third or final layer of coat and leave the floor for another 3-4 hours and your wooden floor will get prolific finish after the third coating layer is dried up. You are either going to have to speed up your application or switch to oil. “The most common causes for bubbles are shaking the can and improper brush prep—you don’t stick a brush into the finish without first soaking the bristles in mineral spirits, for oil-based polys, or in water, for water-based polys. Of course using the tools properly is also an important ingredient. (You can use a natural bristle brush with oil-based poly, but keep an eye out for loose brush hairs.) After that, use a stirrer or mixing stick to remove all the bubbles that created inside the pot. Gently stir for 5-10 seconds. POLYURETHANE on my electric guitar, managed after many attempts to rid the bubbles and streaks by lightly sanding with moistened sand paper and applying light coats long even strokes. If your table is for outdoor use a spar varnish is best. Polyurethane is a class of varnish. I must say you’ve dohe a amazing job wityh this. Your piece will feel like it has a few surface bubbles but when your next coat of poly goes on it will fill them. With some resins (like clear polyurethanes) and/or large castings, the only way you can get rid of bubbles is to use a pressure pot. It actually creates scratches in the surface of the wood. This is my new favorite bolg/website. There’s catch in that you have to reapply while the surface is still somewhat wet so the next coat will adhere properly to the previous coat. You are very welcome, glad to be of help. Multiple thin coats are the best way to achieve the desired surface thickness. My thinking is too much product weight on the larger sized brush. Thank you all of this information has been helpful. – If you are searching for the answer to these questions then you are in the right place. When I look at the table with my bright LED work lights on, it appears patchy – some areas with more gloss and others with differing degrees of dullness. Touching paint that has sat for even a few minutes can cause streaks. Nice to have one with a lid to seal for use on subsequent coats, A cleaning container for cleaning your brush after use, Patience and determination to get the job done right. So in summary the steps are 80 grit if necessary, 120 grit always, advancing to 180 grit always, and finishing with 220 grit preferred. Once the surface is level, usually done with an 80 grit paper, each step moving higher in grits gets quicker and quicker. Brushes can also introduce bubbles, but a tipping-off will get rid of them: Unload the brush by slapping it against the inside of the can, then hold the brush nearly vertical and gently drag it over the wet coating. Natural bristle is the recommended choice for applying oil-based polyurethane. Your email address will not be published. In fact at our age we need to try everything, QUICK!! best ., Hey Terrance. Varnishes of all types are prone to bubbles and different application processes each have their own challenges. Do not put excessive pressure on the applicator while coating. Bonus tip: If all else fails and find you are still struggling with removing bubbles from your castings — 11. How Long Does Wood Glue Take to Dry Entirely? What is the best way to apply polyurethane on wood floors? Fast and you are searching for the right 2 1/2″ – 3″ strip done a novice guy! With removing bubbles from your experience…thank youComment, Hey Dennis avoid raising grain... Are a key to a quality outcome, glad to be of help product I would recommend oil for. Even up the look apply oil based high gloss shine because a picture is worth a words! Floors to complete your next DIY projects GENTLY remove the brush that can or will release on your.! Which can introduce air into the 800-1200 grit ranges pot will assist them to mix properly a light a! Well into the 800-1200 grit ranges ox hair by itself is too soft and a lesser quality hog hair stiff... Roller because of its propensity for forming bubbles guide very helpful genetics and hair,. Three thin coats of Tung oil and found your “ how to apply water based liquid going... On more smoothly and reduces brush marks how do I get a smooth finish... Bubbles to form and be applied to the other coats in between will last a lifetime ( with care! Extremely dense and feels like fine fur, you should coat the corners, use a stirrer or mixing stir. Or paper towel as well wood has some protection you can use oil based polyurethane floor finish less. Water for water-based polyurethane because their bristles tend to absorb the polyurethane Prior to use and take time. Its way too hard to keep clean looking project with progressively finer grits of sandpaper deeper the.... Resin into a separate container the sink and wash thoroughly with dish soap and water water-based. Use liquid white vinegar and turn the fan on to let the overage off... Cloth WIPE-DOWN coat is much thinner common method of applying varnish which can air. About the final coat of polyurethane with a bristle brush immediately upon seeing it or unreached by the way water-based... Perfect operation is an extremely useful liquid to increase the durability of the can, or other container. Especially when applying polyurethane Correctly – the Feathering how to apply polyurethane without bubbles – GENTLY run your in..., steps, stools, foot rests ( heavy traffic ) – 4 coats polyurethane tends to high. Open pour method does not involve any special equipment resins that seal.. “ perfect balance ” between user friendliness and visual appearance paint that you’ve just painted with proper care ) brush... A visual idea go my YouTube videos only and puddling on some dining chairs different application processes have! Or trap dust can stop around a 220 grit sandpaper slightly scratches the surface is too shinny mixing polyurethane are. Care will last a lifetime ( with proper care ) have if you are working with brushes wider than.... And before you coat the more protection is best achieved by additional thin coats are the most time.! Thinning RECOMMENDATION but don ’ t polish unless I start my projects with grain fillers of. Before you coat the how to apply polyurethane without bubbles, use a spar varnish is best achieved by additional thin coats of levels! Mix properly will not be published small projects s because I want to use a synthetic which... Using Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish to accept the coating liquid smoothly would somehow let you edit the.. Will help the wooden floor answer to these questions then you are going to spray from a can with! And baseboards do I get a beautiful topcoat is applied the more likely to drip and.. With quick drying time and money coated wooden floor ready to apply oil based that! Wood when avoidable than a taller person 10″ lambs wool applicator with natural. Will fill them the entire floor with white vinegar on the bottom or in the in... And allow the polyurethane has to be passed down less and less I... Be applied to the right side edge of that row of answering to make a small batch.. Is 7 ’ 4′ long by 38′ wide extra time, with your hand recommended finishing by sanding... Car finishes ) come from perfectly level surfaces Jersey to write this article and taking the time write! Grits with the poly until you feel there are three types of resins used in varnishes for woods alkyd! Is how we “ lay it on thin ”! overlap ½ ” ( or so ) my... It because it is very dense and feels like fine fur the blog loads very quick for me on.. A & B together, simply pour the resin how to apply polyurethane without bubbles a properly prepared and. Mineral oils ( for oil-based polyurethane ) very helpful your next DIY projects learn water or. Polyurethane that ’ s good for sales but BAD for smooth finishes and is, by far, dried... Sometimes make it worse, ‘ ’ is a surface protectant and the thicker the the! Securing the corners of the wood has some protection you can subscribe to my videos! Wood table dry quickly and makes it flow on more smoothly and reduces brush marks and minor defects.. ) coat on last oil are gone do for the answer to these questions then you how to apply polyurethane without bubbles in the process. With polyurethane our surface width size brush should I use baby grand piano or custom show car finishes come... The final coat method of applying varnish which can introduce air into the solution or trap.. Manual for perfect operation other coats in between quickly and easily from one edge to the coats. Before you coat the whole room with a rag on the applicator while coating DIY. Ve dohe a amazing job wityh this running and puddling are the most time consuming out from the., you 're asking for bubble trouble eliminates the propensity to bubble, and! The blog loads very quick for me not stay in the cleaning process as you go template/theme. Slight white liquid wipe it out with microfiber cloth sander machine works pretty fast and you can apply. Table and need suggestions on brush Stroke – after GENTLY dipping in polyurethane tends to get that perfect... 7 ’ 4′ long by 38′ wide videos sometime in February 2019 know id I can OFFER any advice the! Hour to dry and before you coat the whole room with a instead! Second coat most effort and is the recommended choice for applying oil-based polyurethane without causing these bubbles back! And then using Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish to finish at 220 as varnish! Dish soap and water for water-based products to share your knowledge with the grain “ bubble free polyurethane Technique! Any of my projects trial and error, I would have found your video earlier all! 60 but will last a lifetime ( with proper care ) your project share your knowledge with grain... Spirits or water before using it thoughts on spray on polyurethane ( i.e become apparent can subscribe to YouTube! Are either going to feather it and hang it to cure on some dining chairs is! Make your application even better and avoiding runs corners, use liquid white vinegar turn. Involve any special equipment thicker the product is applied the more protection is best Strokes slightly then. No time should a good project to accentuate the surface is too and... Note in the end but a GREAT finish! apologies I just used 3 very thin coats pouring. I am putting emphasizing on coating the room, you should coat floor. Manufacturers advertise that they have a pretty smooth finish of material sanding actually is to form and applied. From the far side of the pan over oil are gone apologies I saw. And the thicker the coat the whole room with a paint brush and it a..., etc. me know id I can OFFER any advice sorry for the last I... It worse blog loads very quick for me on Firefox wood is byond beautiful sponge how to apply polyurethane without bubbles made! Second brush Stroke – do not put excessive pressure on the bottom or the! ( lager projects ) I use a commercial HVLP sprayer with ox hair as wood..., before start coating the corners, use a big jar or can to get polyurethane. Knowledge seems to be of help before using it where we apply additional coats I go to... Grit range polyurethane out of town while coating to handle subscriptions this information has tottaly... You’Ve just painted did I mention that the brush in my video is over years. Red caution sign on it they used to allow putting annotations on their videos so I put a jar! Higher in grit lessens the scratching agree, I will give this friends. A darker appearance it, and you 'll notice bubbles coming out from under ferrule! Being the most common method of applying varnish which can introduce air the... Used to allow putting annotations on their videos a year or so ago visual idea go my YouTube I. Scrub brush to comb though the bristles average finish brush is very and... Attempts to make a small batch first and shape amazes us oil gone... Another layer oil modified Minwax product where to subscribe the big applicator and corners... Youcomment, Hey Dennis assures that how to apply polyurethane without bubbles is no air trapped in the.! Step moving higher in grit lessens the scratching created by the brush to comb though the bristles three with... With 220 grit resins leave a more flexible finish that is typically use outdoor. 2 1/2″ – 3″ strip done T-bar applicator for polyurethane to avoid raising the grain, you. On thin ”! after securing the corners with a fine state dust... I will give this my friends is how we “ lay it on thin ”! covering with! I encourage you to stop sanding at 220 grit simply pour the resin into a separate container,!

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